These last couple of weeks have been busy. My maternity leave is now a thing of the past and my baby boy is 3 months old !

A couple of days before my dreamy days with my two babies was over, the four of us went out for lunch at Cravings by 99 Ranch Market in Chino Hills California.

Cravings is Asian supermarket/Food Hall. I was able to try out a small list of items since I was sharing with Richard (my mister).

Our first stop was Wing Man Kitchen. Obviously I had wings. LOL The wings were amazing! I ordered a rice bowl. Wings served over steamed rice, kimchee slaw, cucumber and a fried egg on top. To be honest all you really need to get is those wings!

Stop #2-

Dos Chinos a Latin/Asian fusion restaurant. So many items I wanted to try here. We decided on the Stoner Burrito. It was so good that I did not take a picture. 🙂 So instead I will list all the ingredients this bad boy has. It contains rib eye, carne asada, roast pork belly,chorizo, fried rice,fried egg,cheese sauce, fries, onion, cilantro,avocado crema and salsa verde! All this is wrapped up in a flour tortilla! I didn’t eat much of it because I wanted to save some room for dessert so Richard ate most of it. However it was delicious! No regrets lol

Stop #3

Cauldron Ice Cream- We shared this amazing dessert. We got the churro ice cream wrapped in a warm and sweet puffle cone! There is also a variety of toppings to choose from, ours had oreos. So yummy….I am not big on sweets but this one is a winner! The ice cream is not too sweet and the warm puffle cone is the perfect way to wrap churro ice cream.

Stop #4

Pinky Promise Store- This is a Taiwanese bakery. However I went for some milk tea. First off I LOVE milk tea and I couldn’t resist especially since they come in a super cute teddy bear bottle. I ordered the rose matcha milk tea to go because at this point I was stuffed! It was delicious, it was pretty and super cute. You also have the option of adding boba. If you love matcha like I do then I suggest you give this a try. Now if dont they have so many other flavors you can try.

I only touched a surface of what this food hall has to offer so I will definitely return. Have you ever been to Cravings and if so please send me some suggestions for my next visit. 🙂

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