Matte Lipsticks (Beauty Creations)

This weekend I finally had a mommy’s night out with my bestie. Yaaay! I used my new lipsticks I picked up early in the week by Beauty Creations. I have never purchased any makeup from this brand but I was pulled in by the beautiful color selection. I picked them up at a local boutique for only $2.99. I checked out Beauty Creations website and they are priced at $4.99.

I purchased colors: Naked, Kiss Me and Berry Much. I combined all three and did a very subtle ombre lip. These lipsticks were surprisingly long-lasting. Considering that you always get what you pay for… This lipstick stayed put after two drinks and an appetizer. I took them with me because I was sure I would need to reapply. No reapplying was needed!

With Flash
No Flash

Conclusion: Overall these lipsticks are great, they have many colors to select from and for $2.99…heck yeah! 🙂 or $4.99 on their website. They have blush and eyeshadow palettes that I would like to try next.

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